Technology Kills Dating

In society today many people would agree that the advances of technology have benefited the world in so many ways. Yet there are some situations where technology could ruin our way of life. According to Kashmir Hill, dating is one of the major ways of society has not benefitted from the advances of technology. She explains how our society is too absorb with talking to each other through text messaging and other internet sources instead of speaking face-to-face. This has also added to men being less romantic and traditional courtship being taken out of the equation. With all of the advances in communication guys don’t even have to ask a girl on a date to get to know them. A text can simply be sent and all of his questions will be answered. If a girl is lucky enough to be asked on a date it will most likely be ruined by some type of social media. Prior to going on a date both parties are sure to “Facebook Stalk” each other. This leaves all of the first date questions already answered and nothing is left to be talked about during the date. Now they are both awkwardly sitting at a table trying to figure out what to talk about.

I believe this is a great example of how CMC has negatively benefitted our society. In class we mainly spoke about the benefits of CMC and how much society has grown from the advances of technology but never the negatives. Personally I think CMC has its ups and downs when it comes to dating. Using social media is a great way to meet people initially, as long as the person you’re talking to is who they say they are. After the initial meet I believe everything else can negatively hurt a relationship. Yes, text messaging is great to keep in contact with your significant other but if the contact goes on all day there is nothing to look forward to when you see each other in person. All in all CMC is hurting society when it comes to dating.