Cyber-stalking is an illegal and very serious matter. Many people think it is nothing to worry about until it happens to them or someone they are close to. In my opinion this type of stalking is more common than most because it is much easier to get information about a person online. Like we talked about in class many people post their whereabouts through out the day. If they are at the gym, going food shopping, at the mall, or even just hanging out at the house people will post it. This allows for anyone online to know where someone is at all times, making me realize how dangerous cyber-stalking is.

There are many ways someone can go about stalking someone on the internet but it usually starts between people that were in a relationship or have had some sort of contact on the internet. Many of the cyber-stalking stories I have heard start with a relationship ending badly, whether it was an intimate relationship or a friendship. The stalking usually just starts with consent contact to the victim until they are basically harassing them. This includes constant text messages, phone calls, social media messages, etc. Once this starts the victim usually understands that something is not right and all this contact is strange. The victim may and try to change their phone number and make new social media accounts. Most of the time this can make the stalker very mad because now they have to take every measure to track down the victim. At this point the stalker may start taking more serious actions and try to ruin the victims life.

In the story posted below, the stalker was an ex-boyfriend and wanted to ruin the author’s life. Since the author, Alexis, was in an intimate relationship with her stalker he knew a lot about her. One day while she was getting gas she realized that none of her credit card worked. She called the company and they said she had canceled them but she knew she didn’t. She then realized what had happen, her ex canceled them to ruin her life. Unfortunately she had no money, lost her job and had bad credit because of this stalker. Eventually she figured out how to over come all of this and everything worked out in her favor.

Sometimes peoples stories don’t work out like Alexis’s and they turn out way worse. People meet people online all the time and they are never completely sure if they are real or not. They get into relationships with these people and disclose a lot of private and personal details with them. When the relationship ends who knows how the other person will act. They could be extremely upset and the constant messages and phone calls could begin. When the victim starts ignoring the stalker then the stalker may think about their past conversation of the victims daily routines and try to go find him or her. This could lead to the victim getting into some serious trouble or seriously hurt. As much as I would like to say that most of these situation turn out for the best but I have to say they most likely do not. I don’t know from personal experience but I’m sure there is a lasting emotional withdraw for the victim after something like this happens.

Alexis’s Story


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